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Traceable 3315 Glassware-Rescuer

Model: 3315

Use this tool to repair chipped glassware. It prevents cuts and scrapes.

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Availability 2 to 3 Weeks

Traceable 3315 Offers

With the Traceable 3315 Glassware-Rescuer, you can save your chipped and sharp glassware from being tossed away. Simply file your beakers and test tubes with this device to prevent nicks and cuts. Increase the lifespan of your glassware by adding this tool to your lab today.


  • Saves chipped, sharp glassware to extend usability
  • Protects against cuts and scrapes

What's included with the Traceable 3315

  • Traceable 3315 Glassware-Rescuer
  • Waring Laboratory Equipment Supplies

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