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Traceable 3470 Plastic Wrap, 12" x 100'

Model: 3470

With plastic wrap, you can tightly seal off beakers to protect your samples and solutions. It's also great for flasks, Petri dishes and more.

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Traceable 3470 Offers

Cover your beakers, flasks and Petri dishes with Traceable 3470 Plastic Wrap. Once sealed, the plastic prevents anything from getting into your sample and compromising it. The roll contains 100' of plastic wrap to use as needed.


  • Seal beakers, flasks, Petri dishes and more
  • Easy to cut pieces off the roll
  • Special flaps keep the roll inside the box

Traceable 3470 Specifications

Product Length100' (30.5 m)
Product Width12" (30.5 cm)

What's included with the Traceable 3470

  • Traceable 3470 Plastic Wrap, 12" x 100'
  • Waring Laboratory Equipment Supplies

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