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Traceable 4270 Conductivity and TDS Standard, 5 μS/cm, 16 fl oz

Model: 4270 | Order No: 4270/A

Use this conductivity standard to accurately calibrate conductivity, resistance and TDS instruments. Use this solution when readings are expected to be around 5 μS/cm, 0.2 MΩ or 3.3 TDS/PPM.

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Traceable 4270 Offers

Use the Traceable 4270 Conductivity and TDS Standard when you want accurately calibrated equipment in your lab. All Traceable conductivity standards are NIST-traceable reference materials, giving you confidence in the precision and accuracy of your newly-calibrated equipment. Use this solution when your desired equipment readings are 5 μS/cm, 0.2 MΩ or 3.3 TDS/PPM. Made in the USA.


  • For use when calibrating conductivity, resistance and/or TDS instruments (5 μS/cm, 0.2 MΩ or 3.3 TDS/PPM)
  • Batch-tested to ensure quality
  • Comes with a calibration report from an ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 accredited lab
  • Unopened shelf life: 1 year; once opened, shelf life varies by solution value
  • Meets federal, state and local requirements as NIST-traceable calibrated, certified reference material
  • Made in the USA

Traceable 4270 Specifications

Conductivity5 μS/cm
Resistance0.2 MΩ
TDS3.3 ppm
Calibration ReportYes
Shelf Life1 year (unopened); varies by solution value (opened)
Product Weight16 fl oz (500 mL) solution

What's included with the Traceable 4270

  • 16 fl oz (500 mL) Bottle
  • Step-By-Step Calibration Instructions
  • Individual Temperature Compensation Chart
  • Traceability Information
  • Traceable Certificate
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