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Traceable 4366 Conductivity/Total Dissolved Solids Meter

Model: 4366

Accurately test your samples with this meter. It measures both conductivity and total dissolved solids.

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Traceable 4366 Offers

Measuring samples is easy with this Traceable 4366 Conductivity/Total Dissolved Solids Meter. Thanks to its portable, pocket-sized design, it's easy for you to carry and bring on site. It's also fully waterproof and designed to meet most professional and federal qualifications. Dual display.


  • For measuring conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature
  • Durable waterproof construction
  • Dual display shows the measurement results and the temperature simultaneously
  • Automatic temperature compensation makes it easy to reference either the international standard or your own custom temperature coefficient
  • HOLD key and arrow keys help with calibration
  • Calibrated to NIST-traceable standards for accuracy
  • Pocket-sized tester is easy to use on the go
  • Meets CAP, ASTM, NCCLS, CLSI, ACS, CLIA, AOAC, EPA, APHA, AWWA, WEF, USGS, USP and ISO qualifications

Traceable 4366 Specifications

Temperature Range 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.9°F (±0.5°C)
Range Micro (mhos/siemens) 0 to 1999 microsiemens; 0 to 19.99 millisiemens
Range in Dissolved Solids 0 to 1999 parts per million; 0 to 19.99 parts per thousand
Conductivity pH Accuracy ±1% full scale + 1 digit
Number of Probes 1
Product Diameter 1.25" (3.18 cm)
Dimensions 1 2/5" x 1 1/4" x 6 1/2"
Product Weight 2.25 oz (63.8 g)

What's included with the Traceable 4366

  • Conductivity Meter
  • Traceable Certificate
  • Battery
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